Funny books galore!


Last week we wrote about a very funny book that’s not coming out until next year – Baby Aliens Got My Teacher by Pamela Butchart. Today we have even better news – a very funny book that’s coming out next month!

We’ve just received finished copies of My Brilliant Life and other Disasters by Catherine Wilkins, sequel to the (equally hilarious) My Best Friend and Other Enemies. Jessica is back, and everything in her life seems to be going swimmingly – she’s got her best friend, she’s about to launch her comic, and her nutty Aunt has come to stay. The only ink blot on the landscape is Scarlett, Amelia’s super-cool, super-annoying cousin… who just happens to draw cartoons too. Soon Jessica is fighting for her cartoonist life. It’s a good job she has an enormous badger on her side…

Funny, heartwarming, and BRILLIANTLY realised (and with great illustrations throughout by Sarah Horne), My Brilliant Life and other Disasters is perfect reading for 9-12 year olds.

Here’s the first chapter:

And here’s a recent blog post from Catherine on what fan mail means to her.

My Brilliant Life and other Disasters is available to pre-order here.


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  • Really enjoyed the first chapter of this book, I think the year 6 girls will love it! Looking forwards to the rest of it. I will do a little feature on it for our school library when we get back in September. That’s ages and ages away by the way. Summer holiday is NOT nearly over.

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