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Posted by Tom, November 14, 2017

Get our award-winning life science app, Rounds: Parker Penguin, for just 99p!

We’re celebrating winter with a special sale for one of our apps – get the award-winning life science app Rounds: Parker Penguin for just 99p/ 99¢ until the end of November!

This highly-acclaimed, award-winning app is the second in our fantastic Rounds series, and just like the first one, Rounds: Franklin Frog, it combines a charming and accessible story with a bold, graphic illustrative style (using only circles and components of circles), some hugely innovative interactivity, animation, voicework and original music throughout, and LOTS of fun facts – perfect for both home and the classroom.

You can help Parker do all the things that penguins do best – waddle, slide, swim, hunt, march, dance, protect their eggs, help a chick to hatch and shed its down – and then start all over again with Percy! Along the way, there’s lots to find out about penguins and the Antarctic – did you know that penguins can dive over 500 metres underwater? Or that they can hold their breath for 20 minutes when they are hunting?

The app is the winner of a 2013 FutureBook Innovation Award and was named as one of USA Today’s top 10 apps for kids for 2012.

You can watch a preview of the app at the top of this post – and here’s a free, downloadable penguin fact sheet to accompany the app:

Rounds: Parker Penguin