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Posted by Tom, April 15, 2014

Growing up with Nosy Crow – a guest post by Sarah Giddings

Today’s guest post is by Sarah Giddings, a parent who got in touch with us to share her experience of reading Nosy Crow books with her new baby.

My husband and I have always been enthusiastic readers. When we decided to have a baby, we knew we had some book shopping to do. By the day our son was born he already had a large collection of books waiting for him. We started reading to him on his first day home from the hospital. To get him started we showed him high contrast black and white images, which he was fascinated by. We looked forward to the day when he would begin interacting with books as he got older.

We found our first Nosy Crow book at our local independent book store, The Avid Reader Magazines and Books in Cobourg, Ontario (Canada). It was Bizzy Bear: Fire Rescue. We choose this title because it looked like it would be a lot of fun to read with him, and it it was a very well constructed book.

Around the 8 month mark, he started really taking an interest in this book. Because it was so durable, there was no concern that he would damage the book (as a book lover, it pains me to see him tear or bend pages of his other books). The older he gets, the more he can interact with the features, such as pulling back the flaps, turning the wheel, and pushing Bizzy Bear up and down the fire pole.

We started buying more Nosy Crow titles and he loves them all. The Teeny Weeny looks for his mummy! book is another big hit. They are by far his favourite books, and he stays engaged through multiple readings of the same books each time we sit down to read (and sometimes gets grumpy if I try to read him something else!). He is always surprised and delighted to see what is behind the flaps and slides. These books are really helping his vocabulary develop – he now knows what I mean when I say “up and down” and can demonstrate this by pushing Bizzy Bear up and down the fire pole. In Bizzy Bear: Fun on the Farm, he is able to recognize several of the animals, and it is fun for him to find the familiar animals on each page. After months of use, the books all still look brand new which is something we really appreciate. The books have a simple and fun rhyme scheme and very detailed, colourful pictures.

We look forward to exploring the whole Nosy Crow library as he gets older.

Thank you, Sarah! Bizzy Bear: Fire Rescue is available to buy online here and Teeny Weeny looks for his mummy! available here. If you’d like to stay up to date with all of our book news, you can subscribe to our monthly books newsletter here.

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