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Posted by Tom, October 7, 2014

Growth Capital: Nosy Crow in the Evening Standard

London commuters who picked up a copy of the Evening Standard yesterday might have spotted a familiar name in the business pages – Nosy Crow!

We were profiled for the regular Growth Capital feature, talking about disruption in print and digital, new approaches to business and innovation in the industry, the importance of high street bookshops for children’s publishing, the history of Nosy Crow, and more.

Here’s what Kate has to say about the so-called decline in reading among young people:

“For a peddler of fairytales, Wilson is a keen myth-buster. The idea that children are reading less and are no longer interested in books in favour of telly and tablets is a fallacy, she explains: ‘There is a prevailing idea that children find reading dull but not a lot of evidence. Children are mixing reading with lots of different entertainment. I have no interest in being part of a dodo industry.’”

And on the importance of the health of the bricks-and-mortar bookshop:

“So what might clip Nosy Crow’s wings? ‘The biggest challenge is what’s going to happen to the high street,’ says Wilson. ‘If parents want children to have books they’re interested in, there needs to be shops for them to browse. Children don’t search online, they run in and say they want the book with the digger or a dinosaur on.’”

You can read the full piece here (complete with suitably dramatic photograph of Kate).

And you might also be interested in this blogpost, by Kate, on “life after CEO”, and reflections on being fired (written after her appearance on The Bottom Line with Evan Davis).

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