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Posted by Nosy Crow, January 22, 2013

Guest blog: Potty training with Pip and Posy

Today’s guest post, on using Pip and Posy to help potty train, is by Catherine Friess, author of

We were given a couple of traditional potty training books for my daughter but they weren’t as successful in helping her as Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle. I think the reason was that we had read Pip and Posy: The Super Scooter, which meant that my daughter already knew and loved the characters in a different context.

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Pip doing a wee on the floor is only a small part of the story of The Little Puddle and Posy cleaned things up with no fuss before they went back to play. It was a familiar accident in a familiar situation with familiar characters and I think that made it successful for us. The main focus of the story was friends playing together and the accident was only a small (albeit significant) incident which made a big impression on my daughter. I think the subtle approach worked better for us than a book written with potty training as the main focus. It’s a great story and we still love it now!

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Thanks to Catherine for sharing her experience with us! Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle is out now in paperback as one of our launch Stories Aloud titles. You can take a look inside below or order it online here.

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