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Posted by Kate, March 4, 2010

Happy World Book Day!

World Book Day has – somehow, quickly – rolled round again. Having been very closely involved with World Book Day for years, Kate feels a bit sad that this time she’s managed to miss all the build up to it, after a year spent in adult publishing and then setting up Nosy Crow. Nosy Crow looks forward to being properly involved as a publisher next year, though, by which time we’ll have some books out.

As a parent, though, Kate has been involved, and this morning had all the tears, chaos and ultimate cheeriness of every previous World Book Day morning, as last-minute costume requirements emerged before Zaphod Beeblebrox (pictured, believe it or not) and Pippi Longstocking could be sent to school. There was particular hysteria when the full incompatibility of a swimming class and wash-out red hair-dye became apparent; and the Beeblebrox balloon head was a late addition, after the papier-mache head proved less robust than its maker predicted.

Meanwhile Camilla’s involved in an Angelina Ballerina-fest, after a tense discussion yesterday evening involving mouse-ears.

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