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Posted by Julia, September 26, 2019

Icarus Was Ridiculous soars at the British Museum!

Icarus Was Ridiculous, written by Pamela Butchart, illustrated by Thomas Flintham, and published in collaboration with The British Museum – was launched last night in the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery at the British Museum! Kirsty Stansfield, Head of Fiction and the editor of the Izzy series, recaps the evening below.


The last time I found myself in front of the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum, it was with a bunch of excitable Year 3s on a school trip. The slab of rock didn’t interest them much, impatient as they were to get to the really old dead people in bandages in the next room. So what if it unlocked a world of language and stories? It hadn’t had its brain pulled out through its nose with a hook. They made a good point and we moved on.


I was thinking about this last night, listening to Pamela Butchart give her (excellent, funny, moving, and for me, literally rewarding – more of my hamster cruet set later) speech at the launch of ICARUS WAS RIDICULOUS, the latest Izzy adventure illustrated magnificently by Thomas Flintham and produced in conjunction with the British Museum.


In it, Izzy retells four Greek Myths for the benefit of her friends and 7+ readers everywhere – unique interpretations featuring multiple perms, a ferret in a toga and a stolen cappuccino machine. All the drama of the originals but with more headless teddies! Pamela spoke about not being taught the Myths at school and missing out such great stories and I thought about those Year 3s – without the Rosetta Stone, how would anyone know about the brains and the mummies? Without Izzy, how would a new generation know about the siege of Troy and the massive BBQ they had or the warning Narcissus represents for those who take just one more selfie than is good for them? Exactly.


It was a brilliant night, not least because I got the BEST PRESENT EVER. (Thank you, Pamela! SaltnPeppa4eva!)


And it was lovely to see everyone celebrating with Pamela and Thomas as the massive ancient heads watched on. (But enough about Kate Wilson!) Thank you to the British Museum, and to Claudia and Beth for being so brilliant to work with. And now everyone has to buy the book so Izzy can spread her love for the ancient world far and wide! ιστορίες για όλους!




Thanks, Kirsty!

Here’s a preview of this RIDICULOUSLY funny new book:

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