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Posted by Kate, January 6, 2011

Imogen gets promoted

Imogen got promoted today. She’s now Head of Operations. She will do exactly what she does now, but the thing is that this title felt like a much better description of what she’s ended up doing.

She’s just nipped off to see Bounce so we can’t get a quote from her, but we know that Imogen would say that this has been the most extraordinary year in which her role has changed and grown very significantly. She’s runs all of Nosy Crow’s book production, liaising with Clays and with Imago. She is our main point of connection with Bounce, with Allen and Unwin and with Grantham Book Services. She reminds us of all the things we haven’t done, and of all the things we haven’t yet realised we have to do.

Actually, she does loads more stuff even than that, and we don’t even know what all of it is.

But she’s not grand about it. At lunchtime, she picked up a copy of Bliss, because there’s a “This month we’re reading…” feature in it for Small Blue Thing.

We think we’ve achieved a lot in the last 10 months since we launched. It would have been impossible without Imogen.

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