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Posted by Tom, April 10, 2013

Introducing Space Pirates!

This July we’re lauching a brand new, illustrated fiction series that’s perfect for 7 – 9 year olds (and boys in particular) – Space Pirates!

With fantastic black and white illustration by Benji Davies and gags galore from (ahem) author Jim Ladd, this fast-paced, funny series combines two perenially popular “boy subjects” (no prizes for guessing what they are).

The series launches with the fantastic Space Pirates: Stowaway. When Sam’s parents are stranded on Planet X, he bravely asks his neighbours, the notorious Space Pirates, to help rescue them. But they’d rather carry on bowling and singing space-shanties, so Sam has no choice but to hide in a barrel of alien slime and stowaway!

Here’s what Kirsty has to say about the series:

“Pirates are exciting at the best of times, but imagine if they had laser cutlasses, went on intergalactic treasure hunts and made their enemies walk the plank into outer space!”

If you need a little help imagining such a glorious spectacle, here’s the first chapter of Stowaway:

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Get ready to climb aboard this new intergalactic adventure series!

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