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Posted by Tom, January 9, 2013

iPad Apps for Kids for Dummies

We were really happy to learn that a new book in the For Dummies series, iPad Apps for Kids for Dummies by Jinny Gudmundsen, recommends not one but four of our apps – a pretty impressive strike rate of 50%!

Here’s some of what Jinny writes about The Three Little Pigs:

“This book app has all of the components that make a good book app: a classic fairy tale told with good narration while the words highlight as read; options of how to experience the book (narrator reads, your child reads, or your child listens and plays at the same time); gorgeous illustrations; a unique musical identity for each character; and clever ways to interact within the story. It’s the latter — the interactions — that make this book app so fabulous.”

Find The Three Little Pigs on iTunes.

And here’s an excerpt of her review for Cinderella:

“Although iTunes has tons of Cinderella apps, this is my favorite because this version involves your child in the storytelling and it uses technology in cool ways … Tech-wise, the app does things you don’t often find in other apps. For example, if a mirror is hanging on the wall, your child sees her own reflection in that mirror! This cool feature involves the app using the iPad’s forward-facing camera. Also, you can choose the color of Cinderella’s ball gown, and that color appears throughout the story.”

Find Cinderella on iTunes.

She’s also a fan of Bizzy Bear Builds a House:

“Your truck-loving little one will wiggle with pleasure when exploring this app. Kids join Bizzy Bear when he visits a construction site and they help him run the machinery that’s being used to build a house … letting preschoolers control the big machinery by tapping it or moving it around in the scene is sheer brilliance.”

Find Bizzy Bear Builds a House on iTunes.

And finally, here are some of her comments on Rounds: Franklin Frog:

“This book presents the concept of a life cycle in a way that a child can understand. Your child protects Franklin and his mate’s eggs and then helps one of the little tadpoles grow up until the book starts over with a new frog named Fraser. This cycle repeats one more time with a frog named Fletcher before another Franklin is born. By the story’s repetition with new characters in the lead, it shows kids how the life cycle of a frog is ‘round” …This book is a magnificent way to show kids the life cycle of a frog.”

Find Rounds: Franklin Frog on iTunes.

You can buy the physical edition of iPad Apps for Kids for Dummies online here and as an iBook here. We’re thrilled to have our apps recognised in this way – thank you, Jinny!

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