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Posted by Tom, August 1, 2013

It’s August publication day!

Today we give with one hand and take with the other. We launch an exciting new series and we also publish the final book in one of our long-running favourites. It’s the best of times, the worst of times…

So we’re celebrating the launch of a fabulous new series for 5+ readers, Zoe’s Rescue Zoo, with the publication of the first two titles, The Lonely Lion Cub and The Puzzled Penguin. They’re lovely stories, with Sophy Williams’ fantastic illustrations, about a girl who lives in her great-uncle’s rescue zoo and helps settle the new arrivals in using her special gift – she can understand what they say! There’s a lot of wish fulfilment for the young reader, plus dramatic plots and a great cast of characters, both human and animal. We think they’re great! But don’t take our word for it – here’s what Fiona Noble said in her Autumn Highlights round up for last week’s Children’s Bookseller:

“In a sea of pink, this new animal series really stands out. The eponymous heroine can talk to animals and has oodles of appeal for the target age group. Beautiful illustrations from Sophy Williams, too.”

Here’s a look inside The Lonely Lion Cub:

Buy the book online.

And here’s the first chapter of The Puzzled Penguin:

Buy the book online.

We’re also celebrating the publication of the final Vulgar the Viking title, The Battle of Burp. I think it’s my favourite one – the hilarious text by Odin Redbeard (and he knows who he is) perfectly matched as ever by Sarah Horne’s brilliant pictures – in a tale of invasion (or school trip), battles (pretend) and peril (getting locked in a room because you threw the key out of the window). Vulgar is looking forward to visiting Burp in Angle Land, where the famous Battle of Burp took place (which the Vikings totally lost). He plans to turn a peaceful visit into a proper invasion and show those snooty Burpers a thing or two! Inevitably, it doesn’t go to plan but a good time is had by all and there are some great comic set pieces.

Like this one:

All eyes turned to the ship. Harrumf lay on the deck in a tangled heap. “I meant to do that,” he insisted, but the way his legs were wrapped around his neck made Vulgar suspect he hadn’t.
“Oh dear, has your monkey been injured?” asked Lady Edith.
King Olaf blinked. “Monkey? That’s not a monkey, that’s my steward.”
Lady Edith peered long and hard at Harrumf. “I say,” she muttered at last.

Here’s a look inside the book:

Buy the book online.

If you’re looking for something a little younger than Vulgar the Viking and Zoe’s Rescue Zoo, today we’re also publishing two new board books in the fantastic Tiny Tabs series, illustrated by Jannie HoPookie Pop plays hide-and-seek! and Little Bubba looks for his elephant! Designed for the smallest of hands, these robust, colourful books will delight baby readers again and again. With simple stories, repeated refrains and a host of faces to spot and name, they are the perfect books to engage and entertain the very young.

Happy publication day to all our authors and illustrators!

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