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Posted by Sam, July 28, 2020

Italian language school reviews of Ella on the Outside

A few months ago, Scuola Media School in Sardinia contacted us about an English reading project inspired by Cath Howe‘s book, Ella on the Outside. Today we’re sharing some of their reviews, which you can read below.

Cristina Vargiu, the English teacher and organiser of the project, said: “I’m really glad to have chosen this amazing book for my project, whose aim was to keep them enthusiastic and passionate about both the English language and the message of the book itself.”

The project was going to include a trip to London and author meeting with Cath Howe. However, unfortunately, that has not been possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Cristina said: “Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, our school trip to London was cancelled, but the availability and the kindness of the author Cath Howe have gone beyond all expectations.”

“We kept in touch and supported the students’ curiosity without reserve. She answered their questions and greeted them with her pleasant email exchanges, her postcard and book as a present. Finally, her video with her personal presentation was a wonderful conclusion to the project, encouraging my students to complete their reviews of the book.”

And here are just some of the class reviews:

“Full of suspense, mystery, and it’s a really intriguing story. I would strongly recommend it because of this.” – Irene

“The characters remind us that it’s important to be ourselves, without letting others influence us.” – Alessio

“Cath Howe is able to write something so complex in a simple and profound way, which goes straight to the heart, perhaps due to her being a teacher and being very familiar with the dynamics among her own students.” – Chiara

“I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an engaging story full of surprises.” – Simone

“I would strongly recommend reading this book, especially to people who want to understand the true meaning of friendship,” – Tommaso

“It’s a book that teaches us not to judge people by their appearance, but instead learn to recognise the value of respect and of everybody’s personality.” – Matteo

Well done to everyone involved in the project at Scuola Media School in Sardinia – and thank you for these fantastic reviews!

Read the first chapter of Ella on the Outside:

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