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Posted by Dom, August 25, 2014

Jurassic-ally fantastic storytelling

This year we thought Nosy Crow’s Edinburgh International Book Festival jaunt was so epic, we just couldn’t do it justice in a single blog post. So, this one will be the first of a few – and where better to start than the Triassic Era? Penny Dale’s digging, zooming and rescuing dinosaurs made their appearance in Charlotte Square, Edinburgh last week … and they were not alone. After lots of Jurassic-ally fantastic storytelling and quite a lot of shouting like various emergency vehicle sirens, Penny led the audience in the assembly of a dinosaur made out of stickers, so each child would have his or her own dinosaur to take away. On a flipchart at the front Penny stuck parts of the dinosaur, one by one, in the correct place and the audience was encouraged to follow suit on their own sheets of paper. Which, by and large, they did. SOME dinosaurs did have ice-creams, plasters – and even eyes – in some odd places, but that all added to the joy of the event. And who’s to say in a few years we won’t ALL be making dinosaurs that way? There was just time to sing the Dinosaur Song, complete with ROARING and plenty of teeth/claw/digger mimes before the time was up. My 5 year old self would have instantly dropped to the floor and had a tantrum. My 38 year old self ALMOST did. Everyone was having such a good time singing and dinosaur-decorating I don’t think I was ready for it to be over…

But, ever the professional, I forewent the histrionics and helped Penny’s husband, Bryan, take down the dinosaur bunting we’d previously- and artfully- draped the venue with. We’d all had an absolute ball and I would like to thank Penny and her husband Bryan for all the preparation they put into a truly cracking event! Below are some audience dinosaurs for your delight…

You can take a look inside Penny Dale’s most recent dinosaur book, Dinosaur Rescue, below, or buy the book online here.

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