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Posted by Lisa, April 28, 2023

Kids’ Club April 2023

Welcome to another instalment of our Nosy Crow Kids’ Club: a monthly feature with lots of engaging activities for the young readers in your life! Each month we’ll post a creative writing prompt based on one of our recent publications, and some downloadable activity sheets for you to print for your little ones.

Write a Story

Taking inspiration from My Life on Fire by Cath Howe – a tense, page-turning story that sensitively deals with themes of family upheaval and kleptomania – our writing prompts this month are written by the author herself, and taken from our Teaching Resources for My Life on Fire, which you can find in their entirety here. These exercises will work best if children have first read the book, which you can purchase here.

Shabbir’s Stone

In Chapter 36 we find out that Ren stole Shabbir’s stone, but we don’t read about the event as it happens. Write the scene where Ren takes Shabbir’s stone. How and when do you think she does it and how does she feel about taking it during and after the theft?

Alternative Viewpoint

Write the scene in the art cupboard, Chapter 39-42, from either Ren’s or Jake’s viewpoint. Try to get right inside their heads and focus on what they are thinking about and how they are reacting.

The Mr Softie Stories

Think about these stories, told by Ren to her little brother – Chapter 7.

• Write about how these stories make you feel about Ren?

• What kind of sister is she?

Make sure you consider the scene in Chapter 33 and 34 where Petie goes out in the night, and she sets out to find him.

Lessons Learnt

Ren doesn’t take things because she needs them, but she does get into a habit and decides she’s good at stealing.

• Do you think she will ever steal again?

• What has she learned through the events of this story?

Make a list of ideas about Ren’s character and actions.

The Teacher’s View

What would Miss Chatto say about her first year as a teacher and the events that happened in her class: the bird, Ren and Caspar, the art project and the spate of thefts?

Write Miss Chatto’s monologue – start with the words, “I never would have dreamed that my first year in

teaching would have been such a mixture……”

All about Gran

Ren’s gran changes her mind about Ren. Have a look at scenes where we see her.

Write about Gran.

• What kind of person is Gran?

• What did you think of her by the end of the story?

Look at Chapters 12, 26 and 46 in particular.

My Life on Fire

What do you think the book title “My Life on Fire” means? Discuss and write your opinion.

Share your kids’ creative writing with us on social media, by tagging us @NosyCrow! You never know, we might even share a selection on our channels …

Activity Sheets

Children can build their dream house and design their very own ‘life in a box’ in these free activity sheets for My Life On Fire! Download the resources here.


We hope you enjoyed the fourth instalment of our Nosy Crow Kids’ Club! Be sure to let us know if your little ones partake in our activities, and if there’s anything else you would like us to include, by getting in touch via email or social media.


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