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Posted on April 26, 2024

Kid’s Club April 2024

Shadow Fox

Welcome to our Nosy Crow Kids’ Club! Each month, we have fun activities for young readers. Join us for engaging content! Every month we will share a creative prompt inspired by our recent publications. We may also provide printable activity sheets for children to enjoy.

What Animal With Magical Powers Would You Be?

This month, the kid’s club activity takes inspiration from the new picture book Shadow Fox! A beautiful story of loss and belonging from the multi-award-winning author of I, Cosmo and Always, Clementine, Carlie Sorosiak!

If you could be any animal with magic powers, what animal would you be? What powers would you have?

Would you want to be able to share thoughts with humans, like Shadow? Have unmatched speed to get where you’re going faster? Or maybe have the ability to turn yourself invisible?

The possibilities are endless! Come up with your own magical abilities as well as your chosen animal and what you would do with your powers! Would you use them for yourself and family? To help others? Or only when absolutely necessary? 

Be sure to let us know if your young readers and illustrators partake in our activities. Please do share drawings, book reviews, or stories with us via email [email protected] or @nosycrow on social media.

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