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Posted by Lisa, August 25, 2023

Kids’ Club August 2023

Welcome to another instalment of our Nosy Crow Kids’ Club: a monthly feature with lots of engaging activities for the young readers in your life! Each month we’ll post a creative writing prompt based on one of our recent publications, and some downloadable activity sheets for you to print for your little ones.

Write a Story

Our writing prompt this month takes inspiration from Nabil Steals a Penguin – a fast-paced and big-hearted rhyming adventure about a penguin who loves curry by Nishani Reed & Junissa Bianda.


Write a story where the main character steals an animal from the zoo. It can be any animal you like, but be sure to think about how they manage to sneak it out past the zookeepers without them noticing!


Where do they hide it when they get home? What does it like to eat? What happens when their parents discover the animal? Use your imagination to think of what adventures and mishaps the animal might get up to in the character’s house.


And last but not least — what happens in the end? Does the animal go back to the zoo, or do they go on to have more adventures? 

Share your kids’ creative writing with us on social media, by tagging us @NosyCrow! You never know, we might even share a selection on our channels …

Activity Sheets

Little ones can learn how to draw Pierre the penguin, count cake decorations and learn how to make Nabil’s balti recipe in these free activity sheets! Download the resources here.

We hope you enjoyed the eighth instalment of our Nosy Crow Kids’ Club! Be sure to let us know if your little ones partake in our activities, and if there’s anything else you would like us to include, by getting in touch via email or social media.


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