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Posted on March 9, 2024

Kid’s Club February 2024

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt

Welcome to our Nosy Crow Kids’ Club! Each month, we have fun activities for young readers. Join us for engaging content! Every month we will share a creative prompt inspired by our recent publications. We may also provide printable activity sheets for children to enjoy.

Create a Hunt

This month, the kid’s club activity takes inspiration from the new picture book We’re Going on an Egg Hunt! This interactive book is perfect for families to enjoy together, written by Goldie Hawk & illustrated by Angie Rozelaar.



It’s up to you to create your very own hunt! Make a scavenger hunt and get ideas from other books in the “We’re Going on a… series. Have fun exploring and searching! 

What will you find? Who will you be going with? Where will you hide the items? Will there be a prize for finding all the items?

Use your imagination and get creative about the types of hunts you can go on and all the items you can hide and where!

Be sure to let us know if your young readers and illustrators partake in our activities. Please do share drawings, book reviews, or stories with us via email [email protected] or @nosycrow on social media.

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