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Posted by Lisa, July 28, 2023

Kids’ Club July 2023

Welcome to another instalment of our Nosy Crow Kids’ Club: a monthly feature with lots of engaging activities for the young readers in your life! Each month we’ll post a creative writing prompt based on one of our recent publications, and some downloadable activity sheets for you to print for your little ones.

Write a Story

Our writing prompt this month takes inspiration from Peanut, Butter, & Crackers: Puppy Problems – a sweet and hilarious story about life seen through the eyes of pets by Paige Braddock.


Write a story through the eyes of a pet. If you have a pet at home, you could write as them, or else you can make one up! It doesn’t have to be a dog or a cat — it could be any animal you want. What happens in their day when you go to school? What adventures or mischief do they get up to? If you wanted, you could introduce a new pet, like in Peanut, Butter, & Crackers, and describe how your other pet feels when this happens. Are they happy or sad that they have to share their home with another pet? 

Share your kids’ creative writing with us on social media, by tagging us @NosyCrow! You never know, we might even share a selection on our channels …

Activity Sheets

Little ones can learn how to draw Peanut, Butter, and Crackers, design their own cover and create a comic book character in the free activity sheets! Download the resources here.

We hope you enjoyed the seventh instalment of our Nosy Crow Kids’ Club! Be sure to let us know if your little ones partake in our activities, and if there’s anything else you would like us to include, by getting in touch via email or social media.


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