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Posted by Lisa, June 30, 2023

Kids’ Club June 2023

Welcome to another instalment of our Nosy Crow Kids’ Club: a monthly feature with lots of engaging activities for the young readers in your life! Each month we’ll post a creative writing prompt based on one of our recent publications, and some downloadable activity sheets for you to print for your little ones.

Write a Story

Our writing prompt this month takes inspiration from Deadlock – the latest action-packed thriller from Simon Fox!


Write a story where the main character has something stolen from them that they care about. Who took it, and why? How will the main character go about trying to get it back? Try to include a twist in your story. This can be a surprising turn or unexpected change that happens. For example, maybe the person the main character thinks is responsible for stealing from them is innocent, and the real culprit is someone entirely different …

Share your kids’ creative writing with us on social media, by tagging us @NosyCrow! You never know, we might even share a selection on our channels …

Activity Sheets

Children can decipher texting code, design the perfect disguise and write an acrostic poem in these free activity sheets for Deadlock! Download the resources here.


Windrush Day

In honour of the 75th anniversary of Windrush Day earlier this month, we’re sharing some bonus resources for Granny Came Here on the Empire Windrush in this month’s Kids’ Club.

These resources use the book as a starting point to help introduce younger children to Black history, themes of belonging and identity, loving family relationships, and showing empathy and kindness towards people from all backgrounds. Download the resources here.

We hope you enjoyed the sixth instalment of our Nosy Crow Kids’ Club! Be sure to let us know if your little ones partake in our activities, and if there’s anything else you would like us to include, by getting in touch via email or social media.


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