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Posted by Tom, January 29, 2018

Lionel and the Lion’s Share in the Financial Times

Last month we were very proud to publish Lionel and the Lion’s Share by Lou Peacock and Lisa Sheehan: full of fun and with stylish artwork, this lively picture books explores popular themes of friendship and the importance of sharing.

And we’re delighted to see that the book has received a rave review in the Financial Times!

James Lovegrove writes:

“Lionel is a young lion who wants everything. He wants all the musical instruments in the music shop. He wants all the hats in the hat shop. He wants all the balloons on the balloon stall. He wants all the birthday cake at the birthday party. He grabs whatever he can get his paws on, especially if someone else has expressed an interest in having it, and leaves the other animals with nothing. Lionel soon discovers the drawbacks of this youthful foray into unrestrained free-market capitalism — you end up lonely, with no friends — and learns the error of his ways. Lou Peacock’s lively, pertinent tale hinges on a very clever last-line pay-off and is wonderfully illustrated by Lisa Sheehan with pastel shades, scribbly textures and Richard Scarry-esque anthropomorphic caricature.”

Here’s a look inside the book:

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