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Posted by Kirsty, July 5, 2012

Mega Mash-Up: Secret Agents v Giant Slugs is out today!

As you might have noticed, it’s been raining a bit recently. And apparently this has made the British Isles highly sought-after real estate for a breed of Spanish super slugs. They are coming over in their droves, no doubt settling into a garden near you at this very moment and challenging the natives to a kick about. Which means that the publication of the latest excellent Mega Mash-Up adventure, Secret Agents v Giant Slugs in the Jungle, could not have come at a better time!

Yes, Nikalas and Tim have produced another hilarious adventure, full of comedy and mishap, and it’s out today! It involves a rogue band of Giant Slugs determined to take over the world armed only with true grit (mostly stuck to their undersides) and toxic slime which they expel from their nostrils with deadly accuracy. Ranged against them are a bunch of crack Secret Agents, armed with a load of crack weapons, and the MIGHTY SLUG SALTER!

So let the salt assault commence! Who will win? Sharpen up those pencils and get involved, and you might learn how to deal with the invaders in the garden at the same time. Congratulations, Nikalas and Tim, on another brilliant book. But the question remains – are your slugs any good at penalty shoot-outs?

Mega Mash-Up: Secret Agents v Giant Slugs in the Jungle is on sale now. You can read the first chapter below, and order it online here.

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