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Given its quality, you probably think it was Kate who took this picture at last night’s Mobile Monday London event. Nope. She spent the evening at an end-of-year function at her daughter’s school. Photo credit here belongs to Deb – who, as you can see, has quickly adopted the Nosy Crow photographic style as her very own.

Last night’s MML theme of 200,000 apps, where’s mine? was particularly timely for us. We’re in the process of building our app marketing strategy so Deb was all ears as the panelists discussed the issue of discoverability, apps as marketing tools, and working with app aggregating portals.

Although the conversation was fairly generic, there were a few interesting take-aways. In a discussion of demographics, Eli Camilleri of mobile market analytic firm Vision Mobile commented that app creators need to increase their focus on niches. Even on niches within those niches. At Nosy Crow we believe our apps customer is the savvy “iPhone mum” seeking engaging, narrative-rich content to share with her child. But we’re well aware that there are subsets of mums in that group, too.

Another panelist insisted that the handset itself is the most important marketing space and that app creators would do well to focus attention there. After all, we do all look at our phones several times a day!


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  • At the Back of the North Wind made me cry. Very Victorian overblown sentimental book but I loved it all the same.

    The Little Prince is another great book. Very sad ending IMO.

    Must think of some more of my favourites! Will get back to you on this!

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