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Posted by Kate, December 8, 2010

More cake, more apps

It’s Kate B’s birthday. Happy birthday to her! We can’t let standards slip, so a cake has been baked. Look at Twitter later for pictures.

Yesterday, Kate W spoke in a Digital Book World/Publisher’s Weekly webinar on Children’s Publishing in the Digital Age with Rick Richter of (US-based) Ruckus Media and head of Harper Collins Children’s Books in the US, Susan Katz. The webinar is available for one week, before it goes into the members-only section of the Digital Book World site, and for now you can see it/listen to it here

Kate said that we had ten aims for our apps:

  1. To create something new and exceptional
  2. To experiment (and to experiment in media other than text and still images)
  3. To find new talent
  4. To commission creative material that really uses the features of the touchscreen devices
  5. To avoid squashing existing book-based content onto touchscreen devices
  6. To make sure that a child who is used to the interactivity and multimedia experience of the touchscreen device is not disappointed by anything we make
  7. To create an enhanced and different reading experience for children
  8. To create something that parents will feel happy to give to their children
  9. To invite the reader into the story through interaction and personalisation
  10. To create or evolve a business model that works for us, for our creative talents and for any partners we may work with.

If you’d like to see a (very basic – a professional one’s in the works) video of our first app (which we’ll release in January), here’s the link to it on our YouTube channel

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