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Posted by Nosy Crow, April 7, 2015

My first week on Twitter

My blogs are fast becoming a series: Ellie discovers for the first time things that everyone else has been doing for years. Last week Bologna, this week Twitter. A digital assistant joining Twitter, I hear you gasp, whatever next? But yes, Tom has given me a challenge – 200 followers by the end of April (or at the very least enough followers to beat Ola’s follower count, which frankly seems a rather unfair way to promote in-nest rivalry…).

Now, 200 followers might be a little unrealistic (but every little helps, my username is @ellie_corbett, follow me if you like silence with an occasional nervous retweet), but I am now teetering on the edge of 70, and I have to say, I’m enjoying Twitter much more than I expected to! It helps that I am now following more and more of the Nosy Crow authors and am very much enjoying seeing their lovely tweets, especially when it involves getting a glimpse of what they’re working on at the moment. I also loved being able to follow the Bounce conference in real time, and all of the great new titles they were tweeting about. And I’m even discovering other non-publishing-related accounts, such as Museum Week, which is filling my feed with posts from museums and galleries from around the world, and prompting some interesting discussions, such as which artwork you would take if you were cast away on an island (#desertislandart). Primarily, though, I’ve been struck by how friendly and welcoming everybody has been, and watching all the retweets and replies to some of the Nosy Crow official accounts has made me very excited to be part of a company that people actually seem to be interested in interacting with. I’ve come very late to this particular social media party, but I’m glad I finally did log on and join in.

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