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Posted by Tom, December 20, 2016

New books for 2017 from Nosy Crow!

Christmas may be upon us, but we already have an eye on 2017 – and we’ve got some GREAT books coming out next year: incredible new novelty, picture books, fiction and non-fiction for children from ages 0 – 12. And here’s a look at all of the new Nosy Crow books that you’ll be able to find in shops from January!

We’re launching a FANTASTIC new novelty series in January – Felt Flaps, illustrated by Ingela Arrhenius. Vibrant board books with an animal hiding on every spread – just peek behind the bright felt flap!  With bold graphic artwork, these textile sensory reads are perfect for sharing with babies and toddlers and have a fantastic mirror reveal on the final page.

The first two books in the series are Where’s Mr Lion? and Where’s Mrs Ladybird? – here’s what to look for in shops:

Where's Mrs Ladybird?

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Where's Mr Lion?

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We’re publishing a brand new cased board book edition of Littleland: All Year Round next month – the third title in the Littleland series, beautifully illustrated by Marion Billet.

Loosely following the months of the year, this colourful, busy book follows the little ones as they take part in seasonal activities, from visiting the spring lambs to paddling on the beach to cooking for an autumn feast. With a ‘Can you see?’ feature on every spread and a simple, conversational narrative, this is the perfect step on from board books. Here’s a look inside the book:

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And there’s also a brand new cased board book edition of I Love You, written by Clemency Pearce and illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw, publishing next month! In this beautiful board book, toddlers will love repeating the three special words that can help them if they’re feeling sad, grumpy or shy. With delightful illustrations of adorable animal families, this comforting story reassures children that their mummies and daddies will always be there for them with hugs and kisses through all life’s little challenges. Here’s what to look for in shops:


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Dave’s Rock will be out next month – the highly anticipated follow-up to the hilarious and hugely acclaimed Dave’s Cave, written and illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon.

In this funny and stylishly illustrated follow-up, two loveable cavemen endeavour to make their rocks the very best they can – inventing, in the process, something really rather remarkable. It’s another brilliantly funny, clever picture book – PERFECT for reading aloud. Here’s a look inside the book:

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We’re incredibly pleased to be publishing I’m In Charge! in January – a fantastic new picture book by Jeanne Willis and Jarvis, the amazing duo behind Poles Apart.

When Rhino finds a mango tree bursting with fruit, he isn’t about to share it with anyone – after all, he’s in charge round here! But it looks like things are about to change . . .

With brilliant illustrations from Jarvis, and a hilarious story, this brilliantly funny toddler-tantrum tale is all about being bossy and learning to listen to others – a romping story starring a little rhino who likes to make the rules! Here’s a look inside the book:

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The first paperback edition of Love…, by Emma Dodd, will be out next month – with flurries of foil throughout and featuring a tenderly-told rhyming text and heartwarming illustrations, this beautifully-designed picture book will soon become a bedtime favourite. Here’s a look inside the book:

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We’ll be publishing the next book in the fantastic Secret Rescuers series, written by Paula Harrison and illustrated by Sophy Williams – The Secret Rescuers: The Star Wolf. Set in a fantasy world populated by dragons, unicorns, and firebirds, this superbly-realised series for 7+ year olds is packed with magical adventures and baby creatures in peril.

In a magical kingdom far, far away it’s up to a small group of secret rescuers to keep magical creatures safe from the grasp of the evil Sir Fitzroy and to keep passing on the secret challenge to new girls.

The beautiful forest that Emma lives in is home to the star wolves. Each evening, the wolves’ magical song makes the stars appear in the sky. One autumn day, Emma rescues a star wolf pup from a trap. She begins a search for the little pup’s family. But mean Lord Hector is trying to catch all the star wolves – he hates magical creatures and has a horrible potion to prevent the star wolves from singing. Can Emma rescue the star wolf pack from Lord Hector before the stars stop shining at night? Here’s a look inside the book:

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And finally, Emerald Secret by Susan Moore will be out next month – the sequel to Crimson Poison, and the second book in the Nat Walker trilogy. This is another exciting, fast-paced and action-packed adventure – full of high-tech gadgetry and fun.

Nat is perched on the prow of the Junko as it glides up the Thames one cold, drizzly night. London is to be her home for the next year, and it looks to be a strange and uninviting place after the bright lights and fast pace of Hong Kong. Little does Nat know that she and her dragon-robot, Fizz, are at the start of their second adventure, one that will see them become lost in the high-tech world of one of her father’s games and seeking out a long-lost Chinese sword.

Secrets that have been kept hidden for decades will be revealed and Nat will learn some startling things about her family, her future and herself . . . Here’s a look inside the book:

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