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Posted by Tom, September 9, 2013

No teachers were harmed in the making of this book: reading Baby Aliens

In January we’ll be publishing the VERY funny Baby Aliens Got My Teacher by Pamela Butchart – a brilliant, laugh-out-loud debut for 7+ year olds, featuring crisp twins, pea phobias, and aliens-in-ears.

And over the Summer, children’s author and app blogger Helen Dineen read an early proof copy of the book with her family – husband Jim, and children Daniel (5) and Hannah (3). Helen said, “I was quite surprised as they are younger than the target age group and I thought they might struggle to get into it with the initial scenes jumping around a bit, but it went down really well.”

And here’s what Daniel has to say about the book:

“It was excellent because I love that they thought she was an alien. The teacher was horrible but she turned all nice. Boys and girls will like it. It reminds me of school. I would like to read more like this. The funny bits were when Zach went in the girls’ toilets and when they thought there was a snake but it was only a sock!”

If you’d like to find out what all the fuss is about, you can read the first chapter of the book here:

It’s also available to pre-order from Waterstones online here.

Thank you to Helen, Jim, Daniel and Hannah for reading the book and sharing their thoughts – we think you’ll all love it too!

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