Nosy Crow and Skylark Literary Agency sign exciting new middle-grade fiction deal


Nosy Crow fought off fierce competition to buy world rights in a funny middle-grade series from Skylark Literary Agency.  The deal for TOADSPIT TOWERS! by Em Lynas was appropriately sealed on Halloween. Daisy Wart refuses to believe she’s a witch and is furious at being sent to witch school. While constantly trying to run away, she becomes involved in all sorts of magical mayhem…

Kirsty Stansfield, Head of Fiction at Nosy Crow, says, “Aside from the strength of Em’s writing, the thing we all immediately fell for was the voice. Daisy is a great character, and her adventures learning to be the witch she knows she really absolutely isn’t are a joy.

Em Lynas says, “I never dreamed that one day I’d have to choose between publishers but Nosy Crow bewitched me with their incantations of enthusiasm, their spells of imagination, and their tasty witchy cupcakes. I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with them!

Amber Caravéo, Skylark Literary, says, “I’m delighted that Nosy Crow will be publishing Em’s marvellously magical witchy series. Em is such a talented author and her funny, feisty heroine won a lot of hearts, but the Nosy Crow team really impressed us with their passion and creativity.

Catherine Stokes, Head of Sales and Marketing at Nosy Crow, says, “We already have a large and spell-binding marketing campaign planned out for this exciting new series. Em’s writing had us enthralled (and full of promotional ideas) from the very first page.


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