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Posted by Tom, March 12, 2020

Nosy Crow announces creation of in-house UK field sales team

Nosy Crow has announced today that from Wednesday 1st July 2020, a newly created UK field sales team will be handling all independent shops, heritage and gift accounts and wholesalers in-house.

Catherine Stokes, Head of UK and Export Sales and Marketing, said: “This is an exciting new phase in our UK sales growth strategy. The UK’s independent bookshops, gift, heritage and wholesale accounts have always been so supportive and energetic in the selling of the Nosy Crow list and we know that customer feedback and the greatest possible collaboration is essential to maintain and grow those sales on the high street and beyond. Creating an all-new Nosy Crow field sales team will enable us to be even closer (and listen even harder) to our customers and we will be creating a new, bespoke and innovative Marketing and PR offering as part of this.”

Stokes went on to say that she has recruited Ruth Tinham as Nosy Crow’s Field Sales Manager. Tinham was formerly Head of Children’s Sales for Kings Road Publishing, a division of Bonnier Publishing covering the Templar, Big Picture Press and Studio Press imprints.  She will start in role to plan and build the team on 1st April 2020.  A further three members of the team will be recruited who will report to Tinham.

Bounce Sales and Marketing Ltd will continue to manage all current business with their contracted accounts until 30thJune and Nosy Crow looks forward to working with them to ensure a smooth transition for our customers.

Kate Wilson, Managing Director of Nosy Crow said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Robert Snuggs and his excellent team at Bounce who have represented our list superbly ever since our first publication in 2011. We are so very grateful to them. But it was always our eventual intention to bring UK field sales in-house, and we’ve reached a point in our growth where this is possible. We love the vibrant community of independent and other shops that sell our books, and we look forward to working with them more closely and directly.”

Robert Snuggs, Managing Director of Bounce Sales and Marketing Ltd said: “When Kate Wilson first approached us about launching Nosy Crow, it was clear that she had big ambitions for the list. The team at Bounce have thoroughly enjoyed working with Kate, her team, their authors and illustrators and feel a great sense of accomplishment in having been able to be part of realising that ambition and introducing their wonderful books to so many booksellers. We wish Nosy Crow all the best with its future growth.”

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