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Posted by Nosy Crow, March 18, 2015

Nosy Crow at Fleet Library

Today’s blog post is from Sally Hamerton, a library assistant at Fleet Library.

Here at Fleet Library, we staff take turns putting together our Librarian’s Choice displays – coming up with fresh, original ideas is sometimes the hardest part! Our aim is to highlight books that our junior readers may not have previously discovered, and find a new favourite ultimately. The bonus for us is we see an increase in issues!

March 2015, and it’s my turn. Not keen on the idea of yet another display of ‘Books with a Blue Cover’ or books on a particular subject, I started thinking of other fresh ideas for a themed display in our Junior Library.

I’d been following Nosy Crow on social media for a while. I love the selection of books Nosy Crow offer our younger readers. The picture books are consistently attractive and the fiction for our Junior Readers is of a wide variety so appeals to a large number of children. The variety of authors also means there is something for every child. I also love the links to apps and e-books available, as we’ve noticed that increasingly, our junior readers have access to e-readers. Some of our customers are under the impression that, as a public library, we’re all about the books and would be anti e-readers, but hey, if the children are reading, it shouldn’t really matter what the format is. That said, I’m still a sucker for a tactile cover!

So, with all that in mind, I decided I would do a Nosy Crow themed display for the month of March, and wow! It is issuing really well! The display table is changing daily, as I continue to top it up with returned books, and also the amazing new titles our buying team have recently ordered. I can honestly say, I’m amazed at the popularity of the books on display. I suppose, this is partly due to the fact that families with pre-schoolers up to pre-teens are able to select something new and exciting.

Thank you, Sally! If you work at a school or library and have any stories to tell about Nosy Crow’s books, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch on Twitter, Facebook, or by email to tom nosycrow com.

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