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Posted by Tom, September 13, 2011

Nosy Crow in the Guardian

To coincide with the launch of Cinderella, The Guardian have profiled Nosy Crow on their Apps Blog, speaking to Kate and Deb and reviewing the apps:

“Its first iOS book-app was a version of The Three Little Pigs that stood out from the dozens of others – fairy tales are ten a penny on the App Store – for its craft and attention to detail. The company has now released a second title, Cinderella, which refines the format.

Characters can be tapped to hear them speak and moved around the scenes, each with their own musical theme played on a different instrument. There are flashes of humour – the Prince and Cinderella break into a Bollywood dance routine or a disco shuffle on the ballroom dancefloor – but most importantly, everything supports the story rather than distracts from it.”

Read the full feature here.

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