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Posted by Kate, July 28, 2014

Nosy Crow is shortlisted for the Nectar Small Business of the Year Award

I don’t do it often.

But when I do, it usually happens late at night. Sometimes early in the morning.

I decide to do a quick internet search for free-to-enter. awards that Nosy Crow might be eligible to enter. Our track-record on award-winning has been remarkably good… but all that does is work up our appetite for more.

Besides, I’ve never filled out an entry form for an award without learning or thinking something new about Nosy Crow, particularly about how someone, or an organisation, outside the business might think about ourselves: filling in an entry form is an exercise in trying “to see oursels as others see us”, to quote Robert Burns.

Anyway, what tends to happen when I find an award for which we’re eligible is either that I realise that it is a day or two to the deadline for entries and I scrabble about to put an entry together, or that I see that the deadline is months off… and so promptly forget about it, only to kick myself when I do another search and realise that I have missed the deadline date. There must be a better way than this (Google calendar?), but so far I have not found it.

The Nectar Small Business Awards happily fell into the first category, and the deadline was very close, and, so, as usual, I had to pull something together in real haste. But – houpla and kazam! – on Friday evening we were told that we were shortlisted for the Small Business Of The Year Award.

And while we welcome any industry-specific prize or shortlisting going, I think it’s great for us to be flying the flag for independent publishing, and for book businesses in general, by being shortlisted, or winning prizes, in competitions against other kinds of business. This was one of the things that made winning a Stationers’ Company award recently so great.

The announcement about the Nectar shortlisting is here. If we win, I might get to meet Karren Brady. And we’d get cash and Nectar points.

Our fingers are firmly crossed.

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