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Posted by Nosy Crow, October 7, 2015

Nosy Crow partners with the British Museum

The British Museum’s Chris Michaels and Nosy Crow’s Kate Wilson

We are hugely proud.

Last week, we were speaking about our partnership with the National Trust at The Bookseller Children’s Conference.

This week we are announcing that we have a partnership with the British Museum.

We’re proud to be associated with these two amazing, well-loved institutions and their work, and we’re proud that we won the pitches: it’s that a huge coup for us as an independent, smallish publisher with not quite five years’ of publishing.

We’ll be working with the British Museum in an exclusive partnership to create a broad range of children’s books to sell to the UK trade and beyond, launching in 2017.

The British Museum is “a museum of the world, for the world”. It is the UK’s leading visitor attraction and the second most visited museum in the world.

The books, which will be published with joint Nosy Crow/British Museum branding, will make history and art accessible to children aged 0 to 12. They will draw on the British Museum’s internationally recognized brand, its unparalleled collection of objects and its world-class expertise. Created in consultation with British Museum experts, the books will range from board books for toddlers with photographs of beautiful objects from around the world, to highly illustrated activity, adventure fiction and reference books for older children.

The books will have strong international appeal, given the breadth of the British Museum’s collection. Nosy Crow will have world rights in the books, and will be selling them internationally, both on an export and on a co-edition basis, without British Museum branding, if necessary.

Nosy Crow managing director and founder Kate Wilson said, “Working with the British Museum is an enormous privilege and we’re hugely proud of having secured this partnership. It’s also an exceptional responsibility: we want to make books that are beautiful, fun and that, above all, engage children of different ages, providing a context for historical objects and art around the world from Egyptian mummies to Mexican masks and Roman mosaics. Launching a year after our first books created in partnership with the National Trust, this is a second, completely different, but again hugely well-known and well-loved brand to be associated with.”

Chris Michaels, Head of Digital and Publishing, British Museum said, “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Nosy Crow. Nosy Crow are a trusted brand with an established reputation for producing exciting, dynamic and child-focused publications. With them we believe we can produce creative, informative and fun books of the highest quality – to help children meaningfully engage with the British Museum’s unparalleled collection, and to encourage them to explore world history.”

And now, the hard work begins.

Of course, we have a good idea of the kind of books we want to do, but we’d be interested to know if you have any thoughts about it. Do email [email protected] with BRITISH MUSEUM PARTNERSHIP in the subject line.

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