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Posted by Kate, May 16, 2013

Nosy Crow’s first baby has arrived!

Nosy Crow’s first new baby has arrived!

This morning, Giselle has given birth to an 8lb baby girl, sister to Samuel, delivered by dad, David, at home as they waited for the ambulance.

Everyone’s fine – including the baby, as you can see from photo above.

We’re pretty pleased and excited.

Many of us at Nosy Crow are parents, and our experience as parents undoubtedly influences our child-centric approach to publishing. We wrote about it here (I won the overall Inspirational Business Mum of the Year award, by the way, if you’re interested) and we refer to it in blogs like this one about packaging books for girl readers. We also try to enable people with children to work in ways that work for them – we wrote about it here.

Anyway, we couldn’t be happier for Giselle.

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