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Posted by Kate, October 21, 2010

Nosy Crow’s first printed books arrive

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Nosy Crow’s first printed books have arrived.

These are just advances of Mega Mash-up: Romans v Dinosaurs on Mars (we have just two precious copies) that have arrived from the printer in Shenzhen, China.

This is a big day for Imogen who is becoming our Queen of Production, for Imago, with whom we are working on all of our full-colour printing, for Kirsty, the editor on the books and, of course, for Nikalas and Tim, the brilliant creators of the series.

The books, which are an innovative fusion of fiction and doodle-books, are short and hilarious novels with quirky, funny illustrations, and space for the reader to add to the pictures. They publish in February 2011.

The trade response has been great: they’ll be promoted on the high street in the UK and have been taken by a number of book club and other “special” customers, and were a hit at Frankfurt.

You can see a video of Nikalas and Tim talking about the creation of the books here.

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