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Posted by Kate, November 19, 2012

Nosy Crow website around the world

Regular users of the Nosy Crow website, and particularly readers of this blog, will have noticed that Tom decided a while back that we would post a blog post every week day, rather than writing when inspiration struck. This seemed a good plan for a couple of reasons. The first is that we view this blog as a sort of diary, or at least a scrap book, of Nosy Crow’s evolution (we started it the day we got the keys for our first office), and it’s interesting and useful for us to be able to refer back to what we were doing or thinking at various points. The second is that we thought that it would probably increase traffic to the site – and it has: we’re now nudging 20,000 visitors a month, up around a third on January 2012.

Today I woke up early and thought I’d have a meander through our Google Analytics stats. There weren’t any particular milestones to report, but I was struck again by the fact that, over our history, we’ve had visitors from 179 countries/territories, an increase of 17 countries/territories in 12 months. Even if I strike out those places for which the bounce rate was 100% and/or we’ve had one visit (goodbye, Greenland and Saint Helena), we’ve had visits from 172 countries. I find this exciting. The idea that we’ve had five visits from Kyrgyzstan, each lasting an average of five minutes, or that we’ve had 5,303 visits from Brazil astonishes me.

As you can see from the map where the darkness of the green increases with the number of visits, most of our visits are from the UK, and the second highest number of visits is from the USA. Everything else looks the same shade of green, but there are of course big variations: Australia is the source of the third largest numbers of visits, and Canada the fourth, followed by Ireland, New Zealand, France, Germany and The Netherlands.

On the Crow Facts section of the website, which we made at the beginning, when we didn’t have any books or apps, but which has gradually, as Nosy Crow and the website have evolved, been pushed increasingly out of sight, you’ll find the words, “nosy crow” translated into several languages. Let us know if you can add to the list.

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