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Posted by Kate, September 18, 2014

Nosy Crow will partner with the National Trust to create a children’s book list

Well we can tell everyone now.

And we think it’s exciting news.

We are going to be the exclusive partners of The National Trust for their children’s book publishing programme, which will be jointly branded with the Nosy Crow and The National Trust logos. The books will be available not just through the National Trust’s own 200 shops but also through, as they say, “all good bookshops” and any other shops that would like to stock them from March 2016.

I cannot begin to tell you what a great time we’ve had already thinking of books that we could make and commission for the list. They have to fit our Nosy Crow commitment to publishing child-focussed, parent-friendly books. They also have to fit The National Trust’s focus on protecting, and making accessible to the public, huge tracts of England, Wales and Northern Ireland’s landscapes from the Jurassic Coast to a quarter of the Lake District, as well as preserving and ensuring access to history and cultural heritage from ruined Corfe Castle to Beatrix Potter’s house. The more we think about it, the more ideas we have, and we already have a good sense of the programme for the first couple of years, but we’d be interested to hear from authors and illustrators (and their agents) who would like to propose ideas. (If you’re submitting and don’t have an agent, please look at our submissions guidelines).

We were already planning to develop our activity book list and also to introduce some non-fiction books, but this partnership with the National Trust gives us such a terrific springboard into these areas of publishing.

It’s really great for us, but also, we think, great for The National Trust, as children’s books are such a growth area for its shops: across 2013-2014, sales of children’s books through the shops grew 600% and the Trust has 1.4 million family members.

Katie Bond, who is the publisher of The National Trust, and who, after 14 years at Bloomsbury knows her publishing onions, said: “I went to see lots of publishers, but it was Nosy Crow that really stood out to me – they are such a dynamic company, who can do the whole range, from baby books through to young adult.”

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