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Posted on November 22, 2019

Nosy Crow’s Catherine Stokes on her recent export sales trip to Hong Kong

Catherine Stokes, our Head of UK and Export Sales and Marketing, has been travelling the globe meeting our international partners, with a suitcase of Nosy Crow books firmly in hand. Recently, she has travelled to Hong Kong, where protestors have taken to the streets. Here are her thoughts:


Export sales have become increasingly important to our overall Nosy Crow growth in 2019. The Sales Team have been working extremely hard, with our partners throughout the world, to double export revenue in the last 12 months.

I have visited 12 countries in the last year and everywhere, from South Africa, to Malaysia/Singapore, from China to Dubai, I have been struck by the genuine enthusiasm and excitement for our Nosy Crow titles and also by the real warmth that has been shown to me.

Nowhere has this been more noticeable than in the last few days during my stay in Asia. I wanted to use our blog to reach out and thank all our large-hearted, book-loving customers and publishing colleagues who have gone so far out of their way to extend friendship and for their concern, especially within Hong Kong.

I found myself staying and working in the heart of the worst unrest Hong Kong has seen to date on Monday and was overwhelmed by messages of help, personal contact details and minute-by-minute information. One colleague even delayed getting home himself by insisting that he escort me across Kowloon to my next engagement, dodging teargas, flying debris and road/MTR closures.

I leave Hong Kong on my way to Japan with great sadness for such a beautiful, unique and usually so peaceful country.

I should also add that I still have my suitcase of books with me, despite being advised to leave them behind ‘in case you need to run’. Leave Bizzy Bear and Pip and Posy behind? I don’t think so…

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