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Posted by Kate, September 4, 2010

Numbers online

Sorry, folks: this is as much a note-to-self as it is a post for you.

Just over six months after its launch, this website’s had over 27,000 visits from 8,300 visitors (130,000 page-views) from 108 countries.

@nosycrow has 850 Twitter followers and a lively Facebook presence that’s liked by 256 people.

Ours is an interesting position to be in: unlike most publishers, we’re able to build our identity before we’ve published anything. We’ve been able, over the last 6 months, to talk about apps and electronic publishing as well as about classic books published by “rival” publishers (it’s fun to be generous), and throughout we have tried to keep some kind of record of being a start-up that we hope gives you some kind of insight into our values and our lives.

Once again, we’re grateful to those of you who have taken an interest in us and who choose – regularly or occasionally – to join us on the ride.

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