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Posted by Kate, May 5, 2010

Oh, the glamour

This is a picture of a queue at Luton Airport this afternoon. Kate passed through on her way to Germany to have conversations with German publishers about Nosy Crow’s books and apps. She’s an old hand at these kind of chats, having sold rights (from serial rights to translation rights) for almost ten years at the beginning of her career in publishing, and she kind of loves it. She hugely enjoys selling to really clever, thoughtful people, who care deeply about what’s in the books (and apps), and who approach books, reading, authors, publishing and bookselling with the particularities and peculiarities of their culture, which highlight the particularities and peculiarities of UK culture and approaches.

Nosy Crow is an independent start-up and we do not waste our money on inessentials so this was an Easy Jet journey and on the back of her door there’s a poster that says, “Love your hostel, because your hostel loves you” giving away the fact that she is staying in… a hostel. But she went out with a good friend for a top German meal, so she is happy.

She’ll be back to the UK in time to vote tomorrow (hope you spotted our deliciously relevant Bird Brain Quote of the Day on the home page), ash and Easy Jet allowing (the trip was booked before the date of the General Election was confirmed).

Interesting times all round.

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