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Posted by Tom, April 3, 2012

Our crow wall

Yesterday Seb Braun, illustrator of Noisy Little Farm came to visit, and he brought with him a truly wonderful crow that he’d made for us:

Sebastien Braun

This has become something of a tradition for us: we now have a whole murder of crows (not in any sort of morbid way; that’s the collective noun) by Nosy Crow artists, adorning an (appropriately tree-lined) wall of our reception. And with this wonderful addition, it felt like time to share some of them! So, in no particular order…

Here’s Seb’s 3D crow sculpture on the wall:

Sebastien Braun

This shifty looking character is by Sarah Warburton, the fabulous illustrator of The Princess and the Peas:

Sarah Warburton

And this jolly fellow is by Alison Murray, who we’re very excited to be working with soon:

Alison Murray

This dapper chap is by the (equally dapper) illustrator of Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam, Steven Lenton:

Steven Lenton

And this delightful creature is by author-illustrator extraordinaire Leigh Hodgkinson, creator of Goldilocks and Just the One Bear and illustrator for the Magical Mix-Ups series:

Leigh Hodgkinson

And last (for now!) but by absolutely no means least is a brilliant example of an extravagantly illustrated Axel Scheffler envelope, on which Pip is being carried away by an enthusiastic bird:

Envelopes from Axel Scheffler

You can see them all in one place at the top of this post. We hope our crow wall carries on growing and growing – we’ll share its additions with you as it does. And thank you to all of our illustrators for making this the Crow-iest place around!

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