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Posted by Tom, August 30, 2013

Our favourite apps: a guest post by Phillipa Abbott

We received a comment on a blogpost earlier this week about two upcoming books in the Bizzy Bear series by Benji Davies from Phillipa, who told us that her favourite apps to use with her daughter are Bizzy Bear on the Farm and Bizzy Bear Builds a House. She kindly agreed to share her experience of using the apps, printed below.

I use the Bizzy Bear on the Farm app with my 22 month old daughter Lexie and it’s definitely our favourite. She always picks Bizzy Bear ahead of others (I’ve got about 10 on my phone including some other Nosy Crow apps) – either Bizzy Bear on the Farm or Bizzy Bear Builds a House.

We like Bizzy Bear on the Farm best, mainly because it’s so interactive. The other Nosy Crow apps, including Bizzy Bear Builds a House, seem to mainly tell stories, whereas with Bizzy Bear on the Farm, she really can do lots of different things on each screen. Also each screen is different, be it picking apples and eggs, or feeding piggies and herding sheep, to riding the horsie and parking the tractor. She’s absolutely obsessed with putting Bizzy’s shoes on at the beginning and taking them off at the end. Ditto with putting on the hat for Bizzy Bear Builds a House. She does like the fairy tale Nosy Crow apps too. We have The Three Little Pigs and she likes blowing the house down with the Wolf.

I got the apps initially to help with a long plane and car journey and I like them. She gets a bit fixated in a similar way to with TV so I try and balance her screen time with other activities (outside fun, drawing/crafting etc). But her dad and family work in TV and new media so we’re not at all opposed! In fact I think there is a lot of brilliant content out there and I’m really happy with everything Nosy Crow does, miles better than the other apps I have. I do wish I had an iPad though – it niggles me that she’s looking at apps on my iPhone with the small screen. It will be interesting to see how she responds to these apps as she gets older.

We’d LOVE more apps like Bizzy Bear on the Farm!

Thank you for sharing this, Phillipa! You can find Bizzy Bear on the Farm on the App Store here and Bizzy Bear Builds a House on the Store here for $3.99 each, and watch trailers for the two apps below. And if you’d like to be kept up-to-date with news of our upcoming app releases, you can sign up to our Apps Announcement Mailing List here.

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