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Posted by Tom, March 12, 2015

Our fifth fairytale app, Snow White by Nosy Crow, is out today

Today is an INCREDIBLY exciting day: our phenomenal fifth fairytale app, Snow White by Nosy Crow, is out today. You can download it on the App Store here.

We are incredibly proud of this app: it is, I think, a stunningly beautiful, imaginative, innovative piece of storytelling, with a truly timeless quality. It isn’t just an app, or a book, or an anything else: it is just the fairytale of Snow White, told in the best possible way for the story itself.

I think there is something uniquely interesting about this particular story. It is sort of like the platonic ideal of the genre: the most fairytale-ish fairytale of them all. We have really tried to do that iconic story justice – with amazing artwork, animation, interactivity, music, dialogue, and more. Here’s a look at the start of the story – meet Snow White, the Wicked Queen, the Huntsman and the seven dwarfs as you’ve never seen them before…

The app boasts some fantastic interactive features – you can tilt your device to rock the baby Snow White to sleep, see yourself in the Magic Mirror, help Snow White clean the dwarfs’ house, mine for jewels, and more – and all with an emphasis on reading for pleasure: Snow White puts the reader at the centre of the story.

We’d love to know what you make of it. If you do download the app, please do consider leaving a review on the App Store – it really makes a big difference! You can also sign up to our apps mailing list here, and we’ll keep you up to date with all our new apps and offers.

Enjoy Snow White!