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Posted by Tom, June 1, 2017

Our June books are out today!

It’s our June publication day – and we have a fantastic selection of new books out this month! Here’s what you can find in shops now.

We’re launching a brand new, stylish board book I Spy series – the first two books in the series, Look, There’s a Submarine and Look, There’s a Rocket are out today! Complete with cut-out holes to peek through, and contemporary, graphic illustrations by Esther Aarts, little ones will love finding the holes with their fingers, peeping through and turning the page to see what the holes become. With a gentle rhyming text encouraging children to say what they can spy in every scene, these books are a journey through the stars and the deepest oceans that they’ll want to visit time and time again.

Look, There's A Submarine!

Look, There's A Rocket!

There’s a brand new board book edition of Littleland: All Day Long out today – an adorable first word book for the very young, filled with Marion Billet‘s friendly illustrations. Taking place across one very busy day, this colourful book follows the little ones as they take part in day-to-day activities, like eating breakfast, playing in the park, going to the supermarket, and reading one last story before bedtime. With lots of objects to spot on every page, this Littleland board book is filled with images and references that all toddlers will identify with – just perfect for sharing!

Littleland: All Day Long

What would you do if a dinosaur turned up on your doorstep? Well, that’s exactly what happens to the little boy in How To Look After Your Dinosaur, the brilliantly illustrated, witty picture book, written and illustrated by Jason Cockcroft – out today. Follow the adventures of the little boy as he learns to look after his new pet: what to feed it for breakfast, where to take it for walks and, most importantly of all, how exactly to deal with its dinosaur-sized poo!

Here’s a look inside:

It’s publication day for The Prince and the Pee, an hilarious tale of derring-do and needing the loo, written by Greg Gormley and illustrated by Chris Mould. Prince Freddie is off to save a castle from a ferocious dragon, when he realises he really, REALLY needs a pee. But what with scary ogres, damsels in distress, and massive queues for the only toilet in the forest, it doesn’t look like Freddie will ever get to go . . . So when the dragon blocks his path, and accidentally sets fire to the castle, things don’t look too good. Luckily, Prince Freddie is able to have a pee AND put out the fire in one go!

Here’s a look inside:

We’re delighted to publish the latest in Axel Scheffler’s Flip Flap series today – Flip Flap Ocean. What do you get if you cross a squid with a fish? It’s a squish, of course! And how about a shark and a turtle? Why, that’s a shurtle! With over 121 possible underwater creations, silly names and strange noises to make you giggle, this new Flip Flap book is perfect for preschoolers. With a hilarious rhyming text and brilliant illustrations from Axel, simply flip the pages to create some seriously silly animals.

Flip Flap Ocean

It’s publication day for Night Explorer: Complete Night Explorer’s Kit, published in partnership with the National Trust. Perfect for any budding wildlife explorers, this backpack encourages children to get outside and discover nature at night-time! Complete with a book, torch, backpack, fold-out constellation guide, and glow-in-the-dark star stickers, this kit contains everything you need to explore nature at night and discover all the amazing things that you can find in your own back garden.

National Trust: Night Explorer

And National Trust: Go Wild in the Woods is also in shops from today – part of the new Go Wild series and another book published in partnership with the National Trust. Wonderfully illustrated by Rachael Saunders, this pocket-sized survival guide teaches young adventurers the essentials: what to pack, how to build a shelter, how to craft your own tools, how to cook food over a campfire… and even how to get drinking water from wee! Children will also learn exactly what not to do, from eating poisonous mushrooms to starting a bushfire. With fun games to play in the woods, advice on tracking animals, and a useful chapter on first aid, this is the perfect book for little adventurers!

National Trust: Go Wild in the Woods

We’re publishing a beautiful new edition of Saving Sophia by Fleur Hitchcock this month. All Lottie wants to do is have adventures, but no such luck. Until she meets Sophia, a girl with an excitingly mysterious history. When the two run away from a staged kayak accident to find Sophia’s mum, Lottie learns a lot about having adventures (they’re mostly brilliant but not the bits where you nearly die) and friendship and the truth.

Here’s a look inside:

We’re very happy to be publishing A Sheepdog Called Sky, the latest instalment in the Jasmine Green series of animal stories for younger readers, today. A sick puppy abandoned on Jasmine’s farm urgently needs her help to survive. And though he adores her, Jasmine doesn’t know if Sky will ever trust people again. But it’s not until she gets into terrible danger that she finds out… Written by Waterstones Children’s Book Prize-shortlisted author Helen Peters, and with beautiful black-and-white illustrations by Ellie Snowdon, this is brilliant storytelling that will make you laugh and cry: a Dick King-Smith for a new generation.

Here’s a look inside:

And finally, it’s publication day for a Wigglesbottom Primary: Super Dog- a new story in the laugh-your-stinky-shoes-off Wigglesbottom Primary series. Anything can happen at Wigglesbottom Primary, and it ALWAYS does! Is that a superhero dog on the school roof? YES! Is the lunchtime mashed potato really, really weird? YES! Does Susie Keys own an alien egg? YES! So what are Class 2R going to do about it all? Have a lot of fun! Another perfectly pitched school story, this is hilariously told by Pamela Butchart and brilliantly illustrated by Becka Moor.

Here’s a look inside:

Congratulations to all of today’s authors and illustrators!

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