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Posted by Louise, November 9, 2012

Our new Head of Picture Books writes about her first week at Nosy Crow

Alice and Shelly, with the second (maybe third?) cake of the day. Apologies for the typically lacking photograph…

It’s the end of my first week at Nosy Crow and I have loved every minute. Of course, you all know this already but the Crow’s Nest is an extremely good, creative and fun place to be. And in amongst reading all my lovely new books, talking to all my lovely new authors and artists (THANK YOU for making me feel so welcome) and keeping my wits about me in my first scheduling meeting, I have learnt many, many things.

1. There is an awful lot of cake.

2. There is an awfully large expectation of cake baking. I have pointed out this wasn’t in the job description. I cannot bake. This might be a problem.

3. Kate does NOT like Lady Grey tea. She particularly doesn’t like it when the Lady Grey tea bags accidentally get mixed in with the Earl Grey ones. Please note that this is a bad, BAD thing.

4. There is something called “Dropbox”. I have never heard of this before but apparently it’s a server and file management system. “Pah!” I thought. “How hard can it be?” Until Adrian said, “are you aware of the DANGERS of Dropbox?” And by the way he said it, I just knew that he was talking in capitals. Quite frankly, I’m terrified. If anything goes missing or is in the wrong place, I would just like to say right now that it wasn’t me. I wasn’t even there. Honest.

Now, where did I put that Mary Berry book for beginners . . . ?

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