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Posted by Nosy Crow, June 19, 2020

Our second ‘Introduction to Publishing’ event

Today we’re really pleased to announce that we will be holding our second ever ‘Introduction to Publishing’ event!

In July 2019 we held the first of these events at our London Bridge office, and we had 27 publishing hopefuls come for the evening to meet and chat to representatives from each department. It was a fun, interactive evening and we had some great feedback:

“Overall, I came away with a better understanding of publishing, more knowledge about the jobs available…what was most important was that I came away with knowledge that getting into publishing is not a direct line, and that although you may not be in the right department for you straight away, chances are you will find it.” – Introduction to Publishing’ attendee

We wrote a blog about it at the time: https://nosycrow.com/blog/key-questions-and-answers-from-our-introduction-to-childrens-publishing-evening/.

Holding the event at the office isn’t an option this year, but we’re using this as chance to make sure this event is open to all, so we’re going to be holding it as a Zoom webinar. The event will be taking place on the 30th June, starting at 6.00pm and finishing at 8.15pm. 

Anyone can sign up, below, and it’s completely free. When you sign up, you’ll get an email two days before the event with a link to the webinar, as well as an email reminder on the day.

Register for the event:

On the evening there will be an introduction from Kate Wilson, MD of Nosy Crow, and then a series of short presentations from a member of our Sales, Publicity, Marketing, Rights, Editorial, Production and Design departments.  Each speaker will briefly cover how they got to where they are, what their job entails, and where their job fits into the publishing process. After each speaker there will be a chance to ask questions. After all the speakers have finished there will also be a chance for more general questions, or further questions for an individual speaker.

The aim of this event is to give people who are interested in working in publishing an introduction to the various jobs/departments available.  The focus will be on working within a publishing house, the day-to-day activities and the role each department plays in publishing a book. At Nosy Crow we’re really proud of being a recent start-up publisher, but this isn’t going to be a guide to setting up your own publishing house.

After the event we’re also aiming to put the session online, so if you can’t attend live then sign up anyway and we’ll send a link round after the session to watch later.

If you have any questions about the event please send them to [email protected] with ‘Introduction to Publishing’ in the subject heading.


Will everyone on the webinar be able to see/hear me?

No! When you join the session your camera will be turned off, and your microphone muted, you’ll only be able to see and hear the Nosy Crow speakers. You’ll not see any of the other attendees and they won’t see you, and neither will the Nosy Crow speakers. So, you can be in your pyjamas, in a noisy place, on your break at work and no one will know!

Can I ask questions?

Yes. There will be a chat box in the webinar where you’ll be able to post questions for each speaker. You’ll be able to direct your questions so all attendees can see them or just to the moderator. We will try and ensure we have time for everyone’s questions, although hope for understanding if this is not be possible.

I haven’t used Zoom before, do I need to download anything?

You should be able to use the web-based version of Zoom to join the webinar. We’ll have the webinar open for 15 mins before the start time so you’ll have time to join and check everything is working before it begins.


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