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Posted by Deb, February 23, 2011

Parents and Children rave about The Three Little Pigs app

The reaction to The Three Little Pigs app for iPad has been fantastic. Everyone is commenting that we’ve hit upon something new and different with this high-tech fairy tale. We’ve come to know the app well whilst working on it over the past few months, so it’s really exciting to get the reactions of people who have just downloaded it from the App Store.

In a post last week, Kate shared some of the early reviews The Three Little Pigs has received on blogs that cover children’s books, digital books, storybook apps and on publishing industry websites. More and more reviewers are singing the app’s praises and you can see links to some of them on our site.

This week we have heard directly from many parents and a few children too. We love getting this important feedback! Mums and dads and grandparents in places as far afield as China, Thailand, the US, Korea, Canada, Australia and Mexico have downloaded the app and here are some of the things they say:

“This is great, my little Nicole is almost two years old and she knows how to play.” — Eryka

“I love love love it. My two-year-old loves it too, but doesn’t quite get how special this is, she just expects every other app to be just as good. Thank you and congratulations, I look forward to more nosy crowd magic.” — Ximena

“This is the most gorgeous app I have seen. Fabulous art and animation, in a class by itself. You’ve created your own gorgeous art form. Brava!” — Kathy

“Awesome! My boy loves it!” — David

“We LOVE the wolf especially when he squeals after burning his bum! But could he please have a gruffer voice as long as it doesn’t scare the kids? We also love the spider and the bunny, and the movement. And now it’s time for bed.” — Catherine and Elizabeth

“Fantastic. I know my grandchildren (ages 3 and 5) will love it.” — Charles and Barbara

“It’s utterly laugh out loud fabulous. What fun! Who’d have known pigs are ticklish? A beautiful and wonderful story app for big and little kids.” — Denise

“It’s fantastic! My four year old loved it for tonight’s bedtime story. Can’t wait for the next one!”— Deborah

On Monday morning we heard from the mother of 4-year-old Dylan, who told us “Dyl is completely enamoured with it, and has been grabbing the iPad first thing to read it, and as soon as he comes home from school he’s been heading straight for “the pad” as well. The result is that by Saturday he could recite the whole thing (in his Dylan-esque way).”

In case we didn’t trust her, she attached this video to prove her point. She explained “The video goes on to show the whole recital, including much howling when the wolf burns his bottom, but is too big to email!”

Thanks to Dylan’s mum and to all of you who have written. Please keep these emails coming!

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