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Posted by Kate, March 14, 2011

Pip and Posy make their debut at the Discover Centre, Stratford East

On Saturday, Axel Scheffler and various Nosy Crows went to The Discover Centre in Stratford, East London, for a bit of a pre-launch of Pip and Posy.

About 100 people squashed into a room that had felt full when Neal from “Winged Chariot” and I had done an event about apps for 50 people on Thursday evening.

Discover Centre story-teller Rebecca took an audience of two to five year olds for a ride on the small-but-intense emotional roller-coaster of the first two Pip and Posy stories. Children shouted out in recognition of the puddle of wee on the floor that appears after Pip gets so involved in playing at being a lion that he forgets he needs to go to the loo in Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle. And they knew exactly how Posy felt when she scraped her knee after snatching Pip’s scooter in Pip and Posy: The Super Scooter.

Axel showed children and parents how he drew the world of Pip and Posy… and was interrupted by the arrival of Pip and Posy themselves – we’d picked up the costumes the previous day. Only two (very little) children cried, which is a bit of a result where costumes are concerned. There was a lot of shaking hands with Pip and Posy and much cuddling of them.

Here’s a really terrible photograph of Pip and Posy’s first encounter with small children.

Axel signed for well over an hour, drawing a little drawing in every book, whether it was a Pip and Posy book or a well-worn copy of The Gruffalo.

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