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Posted by Tom, January 23, 2013

Read the first chapter of The Rescue Princesses: The Magic Rings

It’s not long until the publication of the sixth book in Paula Harrison’s Rescue Princesses series – The Rescue Princesses: The Magic Rings – and you can read chapter one for the first time here!

The Magic Rings features four brand new princesses – and they’re set for their first adventure. A beautiful foal has mysteriously disappeared from the palace stables. The girls have a plan of action, but Princess Lottie is worried. What if they’re not brave enough? Or can’t keep a secret? After all, it takes more than a few ninja moves to make a proper Rescue Princess…

For your first introduction to Lottie and her friends, here’s chapter one:

The Rescue Princesses: The Magic Rings will publish in March and you can pre-order it here – and you can find out more about the whole series here.