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Fledgling by Lucy Hope
Posted by Sam, October 14, 2021

Read the second chapter of Fledgling – a dark, gothic adventure filled with magic, from debut author Lucy Hope

This November we’re very excited to be publishing Fledgling, by Lucy Hope – a dark, gothic adventure set deep in the Bavarian forest, with angels, owls, magic and a boy who isn’t all that he seems. With soaring twists and turns, this is a beautifully written, edge-of-your-seat adventure to get lost in this winter.

Each week until Fledgling is published in November, we’re sharing a new chapter for you to read, along with a wonderful video reading from Lucy Hope – if you missed the first chapter last week, you can read it here. And today we’re sharing the second chapter!

A cherub is blown into Cassie Engel’s bedroom during a thunderstorm, triggering a series of terrifying events. Cassie must discover if its arrival was an accident or part of something more sinister.

With a self-obsessed opera singer for a mother, a strange taxidermist father, and a best friend who isn’t quite what he seems, Cassie is forced to unearth the secrets of her family’s past. As the dark forces gather around them, can Cassie protect all that she holds dear?

Watch a reading of the second chapter:

Read the second chapter below:

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