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Posted by Tom, February 20, 2014

Reading Goldilocks and Just the One Bear in Austria

A little while ago, we heard from Tini Prato, a teacher at a school in Austria, who’d been reading Goldilocks and Just the One Bear, by Leigh Hodgkinson, to her class. We asked her what her students had made of it, and this is what she told us:

“About two months ago I read the story of Goldilocks and Just the One Bear to a group of Grade 3 children.We talked about the illustrations and the twist in the story and what the children thought about it. After our discussion, as a part of my language lesson, I asked them to write a letter to the author and tell her what they think about the story. We spoke briefly about actual letter writing and what should be included, but the focus was more on getting their thoughts and not to correct every spelling mistake. I had laptops out and they used the programs totally independently – the whole activity took about 40 minutes. One of my students took action and asked me if I could really send the letters to the author.”

We were thrilled to receive the letters recently – you can see a few of them below (scroll through with the arrows):

And here’s an excerpt from one particularly thoughtful letter:

“I really like this book because it was switched with Goldilocks and the three bears … I thought this was going to be the same book. But it was different. My favourite character was the Bear. I like how you had him leaving footprints that he was not aware of. I also liked it when the Bear sat on a cactus and said, “This chair is too ouch”. That is a creative word. I also liked to see that the world wobbly is written in wobbly font.”

It’s always wonderful to hear from children who’ve read books that we’ve published, but even more so when it’s another part of the world, and when they’ve found so much to enjoy in the story and artwork.

You can take a look inside Goldilocks and Just the One Bear below:

Buy the book online.

Thank you, Tini, for getting in touch and sharing these letters!

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